Angels Shanghai is in recess

Angels Shanghai does not currently have the resources to screen and hold pitch/funding meetings.

Projects may still be submitted, but it should be understood that they will be seen by a small group who can onlyrespond as individuals.

Angel capital

The term “angel” originated in the early 1900s and referred to investors who made risky investments to support Broadway theatrical productions. Today, the term “angel” refers to high-net worth individuals, or “accredited investors”, who typically invest in and support start-up companies in their early stages of growth.

Originally angels acted alone, but it is often beneficial to them to form small structured groups as it improves their efficiency, selection and returns.

Definition of various stages of business development and corresponding financing can vary between publications and individuals. To describe one:

Seed financing is a relatively small amount of capital provided to an inventor or entrepreneur to prove a concept and to qualify for start-up capital. This may involve product development and market research as well as building a management team and developing a business plan, if the initial steps are successful.

Start-up financing is provided to companies completing product development and initial marketing. Companies may be in the process of organizing, or they may already be in business for one year or less, but have not sold their product commercially. Usually such firms will have made market studies, assembled the key management, developed a business plan and are ready to do business.

Early-stage or first-stage financing is provided to companies that have expended their initial capital (often in developing and market testing a prototype) and require funds to initiate full-scale manufacturing and sales.

Expansion financing is second and subsequent investment rounds typically financing company product and/or market expansion.

Some observers have described five categories of China angel investors:

One - is composed of the new wealth group with foreign degrees or Chinese top management in foreign businesses; both have good educational backgrounds, wide expertise, and familiarity with global technology and management development.

Two - includes heads of proprietary companies and high income individuals from certain industries. These people are agile investors with entrepreneurship experiences and have more funds for investment.

Three - usually inherit wealth from previous generations.

Four - is composed of foreigners and expatriates with a strong interest in the China market.

Five - are sponsored by the government.


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Matching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies

Angel Investing: Matching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies (Guide for Entrepreneurs, Individual Investors and Venture Capitalists ), by Mark Van Osnabrugge and Robert Robinson. Published in 2000 by Josey-Bass. ISBN number: 0-7879-5202-8.

Mark Van Osnabrugge is a consultant in Stamford, Connecticut. A former fellow of the Harvard Business School, he is also the widely published author of articles about entrepreneurial finance. Robert Robinson is associate professor of negotiations at the Harvard Business School and an angel investor with experience in a variety of startup companies.


Every Business Needs an Angel

Every Business Needs an Angel: Getting the Money You Need to Make Your Business Grow , by John May and Cal Simmons . Published in 2001 by Crown Publishing Group. ISBN number: 0-609-60778-2   John May is the founder of New Vantage Group, a Vienna, Virginia, firm that mobilizes private equity into early-stage companies and develops innovative venture funds. He is an acknowledged authority on angel investing; cofounded two angel networks, the Investors Circle and the Private Investors Network; and sits on the advisory board of the Mid-Atlantic Venture Assoc.   Cal Simmons is a longtime angel investor with extensive experience in early-stage private equity. He has invested in more than thirty early-stage companies and is cofounder and manager of several angel investing.


The Art of the Start

The Art of the Start, Penquin Books, ISBN 1-59184-056-2

Benjamin, Gerald A. and Margulis, Joel B.,
Angel Investing - How to Find and Invest in Private Equity, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2000.

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Keeley, Robert H., Cooper, Jeffrey M. and Bloomer, Gary D.,
Business Angels: A Guide to Private Investing, available from the Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, 1998.


Angels Shanghai 帮助天使投资人和创业家相互了解和沟通的

Angels Shanghai provides opportunities for our members to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage companies with high growth potential in the China Region and helping them to achieve market leadership.Angels Shanghai 为我们的会员提供了获取高额投资回报的机会-通过投资于高成长性的早期公司并帮助他们占领市场.Be a business angel group where active investors can meet and tap opportunities for investment in start-up to pre-VC stage business.成为活跃的商业天使投资团体:投资者可以获得起步和早期公司的投资机会Connect high-growth potential firms with accredited and sophisticated investors committed to seed stage investments.帮助有潜质的早期公司联系和发现可信赖的投资人Facilitate connections with local financial institutions. 加强创业家和各地金融机构的联系.

The objectives 的目标是:

Be a business angel group where active investors can meet and tap opportunities for investment in start-up to pre-VC stage business. 成为活跃的商业天使投资团体:投资者可以获得起步和早期公司的投资机会Connect high-growth potential firms with accredited and sophisticated investors committed to seed stage investments. 帮助有潜质的早期公司联系和发现可信赖的投资人Facilitate connections with local financial institutions. 加强创业家和各地金融机构的联系

General Angel information

Finding the right angel investor can help a business start-up off the ground. Angel-investor networks are a good place to start looking for funding.Angel Investment Networks enhance the representativeness of the industry and increase the visibility of the added value brought by business angels and their groups in the equity market.

Applying for Angel Funding 申请天使投资

Review panel is not meeting so no pitch sessions. Core group may review and contact you directly as individuals.

Apply hereWe suggest you read the following information before submitting

Prepare capital plan 准备融资计划

The process typically follows the procedure below, the selection panel are required to pre-qualify and screen applications on the behalf of investors and not all proposals can be presented under the scope and quality guidelines in place.

Prepare capital plan 准备融资计划

Draft a capital plan for the growth of your business. The capital plan is used to identify funding requirements in terms of the amount, the timing, the structure (loan, lease or equity) as well as the most appropriate capital mix for business growth.

It should also investigate alternatives to raising external capital. Decide the role of angel capital within the overall capital plan.

Submit a plan 提交商业计划书

To start the process most investors wish to see a one to two page information memorandum as a first step.

Angels Shanghai has an automated online application process...
Angels Shanghai 采用了一个自动的申请流程。

The button in the menu above links offsite to the deal tracking software

Information memo 起草和提交融资信息 1

It is acceptable to submit additional or supplementary information if it already exists, as well as this information memorandum, but not instead of this submission.

It is important to fill in all the fields for specific information that is requested rather than just refer to your attached documents, not all reviewss make time to read your whole proposal if it our of their specific interest or speciality.

This document will be reviewed to see whether the proposal fits within the typical investment guidelines and quality standards set for Angel applications.

Information memo 起草和提交融资信息 2

Either: The submitter will be informed that the proposal needs more work or does not fit guidelines at this time. Coaching or mentoring may be suggested to enable re-submission, however Angels Shanghai is not able to provide or recommend such services at this time.
一种可能:我们会通知申请者需要更多时间考虑,或者这个计划不符合我们的投资准则。对于一部分申请我们会给出指导或建议,创业者可以根据建议重新提交。(目前 Angels Shanghai 还没有开始这项服务)

Or: the next stage information will be requested.

Additional info 提交更多信息(第二种可能)

Some examples are:可能的信息包括:
  » Complete business plan 完整的商业计划书
  » Accounts and records from prior trading 之前交易的账户及记录
  » Powerpoint presentation 演示文稿
  » Web site, prototypes, demonstrations etc 网站,模型以及其他展示
A face to face interview may be arranged with Angels Shanghai core group.
我们会考虑安排您与 Angels Shanghai 成员的会面。

Either: The submitter will be informed that the proposal needs more work or does not fit guidelines. Coaching or mentoring may be discussed.
Or: An agreement for the conduct of the investor relationship will be established and your proposal will be circulated and presentations opportunities created where possible.

Probability of success 得到天使投资的概率

The following figures quoted from USA statistics, although China may vary this can give some guidance. 以下美国的数据可做参考,尽管中国的情况可能会有所不同。
Angel networks will reject about 50% of business plans as soon as they arrive. They can usually tell quickly if a deal is just not suited for angel money or if the concept is just not viable.
For the remaining 50%, members provide consultation and advice on how to prepare the plan and the pitch for the deal process. They help the entrepreneur get the presentation and the written plan up to standards that an experienced investor will expect to see.
About 50% of these deals get to go before an investment screening committee. This is a group of angels who evaluate the deal for funding. The angels make their own individual decisions on whether or not they want in on the deal.
Only about 20% of these actually receive funding. The money normally comes from several sources, including one or more of the angels in the network. One investor usually serves as the lead or "champion" investor for the deal.
On average, about 10% of the funded deals make it big, while about 45% muddle along and 45% fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AS tell me what to invest in?

A. No, you must make your own personal decision after performing your own due diligence.

Consultants/service providers?

A. We work very hard to protect our participants so that they can feel comfortable in the company of peers. We maintain a strict policy that no one should ask for a business card, but if it is offered then you may take it of course.

Judging an opportunity in other field?

A. We try to offer very diversified opportunities. As a participant of Angels Shanghai, you will see a wide variety of deals. While you may not understand all of these, other participants will understand those deals and can help clarify the value proposition if you are interested. Many investors only want to invest in what they know; this is also acceptable. Simply let us know your interests.

Get understanding beyond my expertise

A. If you participate in due diligence with someone who has domain expertise, over time you will feel more comfortable diversifying your portfolio of angel investments. Our participants are very helpful toward each other. In addition, you may participate in a seminar or workshop.

First step to investigate?

A. Please contact Angels Shanghai, and, if you qualify, we will invite you to participate. When you do join, take your time before you invest in your first deal. Learn before you jump. Read the recommended reading, join a due diligence team, then start small on a deal that has a lot of traction.

Min amount I can invest in a deal?

A. Most deals have a minimum of 150,000RMB. The average for experienced investors is 150,000RMB to 600,000RMB with some angels making individual investments of 1,500,000RMB.

Min number of investments in a year?

A. No, but if you are not making investments (i.e. writing checks ), then we will question your continued participation. Angels Shanghai is for active angel investors.

Remain a participant if cease investment?

A. Angels Shanghai is for active angel investors.


Membership 成为会员

No more Membership applications are being accepted and the pitching and committee consideration of funding requests is in recess.

It is still possible to participate in the deal flow as an individual "Virtual" participant using the online systems. This requires the provision of evidence of an established history of early stage investment but there are no fees at this time.

Interested in participating on this basis? Please click here to contact us.

Sponsorship 赞助

Sponsorship of this website and other communications is invited from interested companies.
欢迎有意资助 Angels Shanghai 的网站,会议以及其他活动的组织和我们联系。

Only one key sponsorship will be accepted from each major professional group so please register interest as soon as possible.

Contacts for commercial collaboration are welcome.

Other offers to provide further sponsorship, primarily in kind, by resorces or by providing secretarial/administrativesupport would be much appreciated


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